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We removed all of our Delta products from our store front On March 4, 2022 after receiving a letter stating that our products that were being sold are illegal. We were later told that day, that if we are caught selling Delta products, after we received said letter, all of our assets can and will be seized.

Now mind you, we have all of the paperwork available showing the labs of all of our available products, and in those labs it shows that our products meet the legal standards.

Since then we have told the story of what is really going on in our small town, and in many other small towns, all across the nation via phone or Zoom interviews. Everyone should see how we (and many others) are being bullied over selling a product that is legal, and how we are being treated like we are drug lords instead of Respectful Business Owners.

We are a small business, still trying to build back from the Covid Pandemic. We pay our Taxes and work hard to provide for our community.

It is now July 18, 2022 and we are still unable to put our items back on the shelves, we have an undercover officer come in weekly. Checking to make sure we are not selling Delta products. (They get easier to spot each time.) We have a court Date set for the 29th of July at the Catoosa County Courthouse for each side to present their evidence and ultimately decide if we are able to continue selling our products in the county.

At the rate that the Good Ole Boys have spread their venom into the Judicial System, things look a little grim. We will see though, we have an awesome Lawyer representing us.

Thank you everyone for the continued support for not only this small business but any of the others who have been affected by this.

- Joe

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