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Court Hearing was today...

First and foremost we want to thank each and everyone that has text, called, messaged or stopped by to check on us That means more to us than y’all will ever know!!

Joe and I ( LA) just got out of court along with several of the other shop owners. It’s been a long day but a very productive day

Our case was presented and presented very well! The testing capabilities that the Catoosa Co Sheriffs office use are not up to DEA standards AT ALL and they do not send anything to the GBI for lab testing. ( I swear I’m not making this up)

We also could not use our DEA certified lab results that prove our products are in fact lower than the state allows and have 0% THC. ZERO.

The judge is now looking over everything. It is up to him now. We will know hopefully within the week. If this step fails, we will appeal this.

We are all in this fight together. We will get our LEGAL products back.

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